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How Gold Differs From Dollar Based Investments

By on December 17, 2014
How Gold Differs From Dollar Based Investments

The behavior of the economy is one of the hardest things to predict. This is why there are those who got lucky trading stocks, while there are those who lost everything they have during the time of recession. The thing about the economy is that there are highs and there are lows, but nobody can pinpoint exactly when these conditions would occur. The unpredictability of the economy makes it necessary for every investor to find a way to lessen the impact of market lows.

Dollar based investments, while there are times when they can give you very high profits, are not reliable during bad economic times. Know that when the market is at its lowest, the value of the dollar goes down and every investment that is dollar based will decline in value. This is why it is not advisable to concentrate only on currencies and stocks when making investments.

What can you do to secure your net worth?

Invest in gold. Unlike dollar based investments, gold is not vulnerable to market shocks and tends to be the strongest when the economy is not doing so well. This makes gold a very good buffer and addition to one’s portfolio. The fact that it behaves differently from currencies makes it very attractive as an investment. Experts believe that a good 20% of your assets in gold is a good protection against the effects of inflation. Of course, like with all other investments, you also need to take the time to educate yourself about gold investing concepts.

A gold IRA company such as Regal Assets can jumpstart your gold IRA investing and allow you to benefit from having gold as your asset. Start early to earn more.