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How to Succeed in Stock Trading

By on December 17, 2014

Stock trading is both a profitable and a tricky business. Many people who don’t have the experience are attracted by the concept because of the possible huge gains. However, trading stocks is always associated with risks and a novice will never be able to pull through unless he has a knowledgeable and experienced mentor. While there are tools for this that can help you make decisions like trading software, they take time to master. In addition, nothing beats the gut feel and the technical knowledge of an experienced investor. If you are new in stock trading and would want to minimize the headaches in the early stages of trading, perhaps the best advice would be to find an expert that can help you make sound decisions. Paying for a mentor fee would mean an expense on your part, but at least you will be able to avoid losses that you might not be able to recover from later on.

Kinds of Stock Trading That You Can Pick From

Day Trading

For those who love the thrill that goes with trading, they can choose to be a day trader. The trading environment is very high charged, stressful, and exciting and might work for people who thrive under these conditions. Preparation, time invested doing your homework, and a strong intuition are necessary to be able to succeed as a day trader. While it is true that there are lucky investors who got rich with this venture, day trading takes time to get familiar with and usually, the new investors suffer heavily during their early stages of trade. If you are head strong in being a day trader, it might help if you seek the help of a trading expert with at least 10 years of experience. This can save you from a lot of trouble as you get familiar with the workings of the market.

Long Term Trade

Also known as the “buy and hold”, this method of trading is the common practice many decades ago. As the name implies, here the investor buys shares of stocks that he believes to be profitable in the many years to come and hold on to it, usually until the time of retirement. Many experts no longer consider this to be a wise move as the market is very unpredictable nowadays than it was years ago. While there are still investors who consider this to be a good trading move, there are many who have switched strategies and decided to be day traders or swing traders in order to take advantage of the economy’s unpredictable temperament.

Swing Trading

Right in the middle of day trading and long term trading is swing trading. In this case an investor chooses a stock that he believes will increase in value in a short period of time. This type of trading involves a lot of careful and technical analysis in order to be able to determine the best time to buy and sell. For those who are new in the world of stocks, swing trading is said to be the safest ground to start. This does not mean though that it is free from risk. If you choose this particular trading type, you will still benefit in having a mentor that can guide you in making your decisions.